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Teaches figures of International Style Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz at various levels of expertise. Emphasis, on international style rhythm, poise, footwork, foot positions, dance position, alignment, rise and fall, body flight and correct leading and following.


Ballroom Conditioning (BEG/ITM/ADV)





Presents a fundamental approach  to the basic elements of music and choreography and its relationship to ballroom.  Offers strategies for practical application of music selection, composition and choreography.  Studies simple and complex music styles, compositional principles in music selection, basic editing concepts and choreography.  This class is ideal for students and teachers interested in becoming more intuitive choreographers and teachers.  Offers key insights for for those seeking to improve their own choreography and musical intuition in dance composition.

Latin Ballroom

Explores associated level patterns/figures and rhythms of the 5 latin dances including Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive.  Emphasis on rhythm, poise, footwork, foot positions, dance position, alignment, and correct leading and following.  This course is ideal for dancers seeking to develop a strong working knowledge, strategies and practical applications of latin ballroom dance and at any level.

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There are hundreds of professional ballroom dancers around the world but not all of them can teach.

I believe the key to teaching dance is not only comprehension but connection and over the years I've found I have a unique ability to translate my understanding of this art form, especially of ballroom, into something that students can read, understand and intimately connect with.  It is a skill I have recognized and developed over the years and is effective with students of all ages and levels but I've found is most transformational for jazz and contemporary dancers.  I am passionate about helping people gain confidence, connect with their inner dancer, and realize that their potential is only limited to their willingness to work hard and succeed.  Seeing my students stretch themselves to grasp new understanding and seeing that light turn on for them is a true gift. 

I teach intensives, workshops and master classes at conventions and studios around the world and set choreography for group or individual performance and competition pieces.  

I specialize in teaching jazz and contemporary dancers basic to advanced techniques in partnering and how to incorporate the ballroom style into their routines.  The ability to perform ballroom has become an important skillset in the competition and performance world and most studios and students have not had the training or exposure they need to perform at their highest potential.  My jazz background makes me especially good at bridging this gap and translating the ballroom language to the classically trained lyrical, jazz and contemporary dancer. The ballroom style is a valuable addition to young dancers training, especially those looking to make dance a career or become a competitive dancer in the convention world.  It's a great skillset for any dancer to have in their arsenal.

The list of classes I teach below can be customized to fit your needs and best of all they don't need a partner for these classes.

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International Ballroom  (BEG/ITM/ADV)

Ballroom Partnering 

For students interested in the ballroom dance experience. Teaches American, International Ballroom, and Latin techniques using  choreography in performance and competitive disciplines.  Includes choreography, stage performance, competition disciplines and demonstrations with increased emphasis on dance techniques.

Teaches concepts in correct partnering with an emphasis on hold, posture, positioning, rhythm, and poise.  This class is designed to suit a wide range of dance studios and students, offering basic to advanced perspectives and training.  This course is ideal for dancers seeking to learn versatile partnering techniques that can be easily incorporated into a variety of their current dance forms and routines.  This class requires an even number of students for participation.  The class focus can vary by studio preference and request ranging from focus on partnerships as they pertain to ballroom dance as well as in the use of ballroom partnering techniques in a variety of modern, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and other dance forms.

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For dance students enrolled in modern, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, ballet or beginner ballroom dance classes interested in gaining introductory working knowledge and insight into the basics of ballroom dance form, style and technique.  Through combos and across the floor exercises students gain valuable insights into the basic steps, walks and partnering techniques of ballroom and learn how to incorporate ballroom basics into their current dance forms and routines. No Partner Required.Type your paragraph here.


Ballroom Style (BEG/ITM/ADV)

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Learn new techniques for teaching students at all levels from professional to those with no previous dance experience. The course examines technical aspects of training with focus on teaching methods associated with various dances.  Specific emphasis on training include strategies for coaching with authority and establishing trust, respect and gaining long term influence.  Ashly also connects on the dancer level and discusses the importance of positivity, integrity, setting high expectations, and being an example within the industry.  Finally especially the impact of negative body image and ways to counter it’s destructive influence. 

Ballroom Conditioning (BEG/ITM/ADV)

Intro Ballroom 

For dance students enrolled in modern dance, ballet, jazz, or ballroom dance classes and for students interested in dance-specific conditioning.  This course emphasizes body balancing in strength, flexibility and endurance training supported by knowledge of stress management, nutrition, body image, and body connectivity work.

Ballroom Music & Choreography 

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